Opened in 2014, Plaza Verde is the largest convention complex in Shizuoka Prefecture. Located just a three-minute walk away from the north exit of JR Numazu Station, Plaza Verde is comprised of a convention hall that can hold up to 1,000 people, 16 meeting rooms, a 3,875-m2 multipurpose hall suitable for exhibition events, as well as a hotel with 150 guest rooms.
Conference, exhibition and accommodation facilities come all in one package to make running your convention as smooth as possible.
1. An all-in-one complex with conference and exhibition halls plus a hotel
2. Simultaneous interpretation booths are installable for international conferences
3. Equipped with a public space where art or photo exhibitions can be held
4. Three minutes by foot from the north exit of JR Numazu Station
5. Universal design featuring ramps, wireless LAN, covered walkways, and more
6. A wide range of post-convention activities
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Convention Hall A Convention Hall B Conference Room

Meeting Room
Exhibition Hall Civic Salon

Plaza Verde Gallery Meeting Room 1・2  

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Convention Hall A

Convention Hall A, which holds roughly 1,000 (theater-style), is on the largest scale in the prefecture of conference rooms with changeable layouts, and can also be divided into two. With its impressive 300-inch screen, it is also usable for academic conferences, lectures, or large-scale conventions.
Area  931㎡  (Half :465㎡)
Celing height  7.8m
Configuration  Theater: 1,000 People   Class Room: 690 People
◎the hall can be spit into two rooms 300-inch projector screen
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Convention Hall B

This is the second largest conference room after Convention Hall A, theater-style, holding roughly 400 people. Booths for simultaneous translation can also be set up, making it available for international conferences as well. This high-class space can be used not only for events and lectures but also for parties and receptions.
Area  451㎡
Celing height  7.5m
Configuration  Theater: 400 People   Class Room: 252 People
◎250-inch projector screen
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Conference Room  301・302・401・402・407

These conference rooms are well suited to small group meetings held during large conventions. They can also accommodate seminars, training events, or small to middling conventions. Because the third-floor conference rooms (301/302) can be combined, they are also usable for banquets.
Conference Room
Area  301: 141㎡ 302: 145㎡ 301+302: 286㎡
Celing height  4m

Conference Room
Area  141㎡
Celing height  3.5m

Conference Room
Area  149㎡
Celing height  3.5m
◎301+302  200-inch projector screen
◎Other Rooms 150-inch projector screen
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Meeting Room 201・403・404・405・406・408・409

The Meeting Rooms can also be divided in two.They can be used not only for meetings but as green rooms, discussion rooms, or interview venues.
Area  61㎡~ 66㎡
 the room can be spit into two rooms except 409
 Half Size : 29 ㎡- 34 ㎡
Celing Height  3m
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Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall, with an area of 3,875m2 and a ceiling height of 12.6m, has no support pillars and can be divided into three separate rooms.
The acoustics have also been improved and the lighting enhanced, increasing its usability.
The new floor has also been redone in concrete, with a new pit for electricity and plumbing completed for greater convenience. Direct access is possible for large trucks, ensuring smooth loading and unloading.
As well as exhibitions and events of all kinds, the hall can also be used for sales and sports events.
Area  Full Span: 3,875㎡ 2/3: 2,580㎡ 1/3: 1,290㎡
 The hall can be split into three rooms
Celing Height  12.6m
Floor Load Capacity  5t/㎡
Gate for delivery  W4600 ×H4300 (mm) ※3spots
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Civic Salon

Tables and chairs are permanently set up, making this a space for free gatherings, talk, and relaxation.
It can also be privately reserved, making it convenient for lectures as well as many other purposes. As it is adjacent to the exhibition hall, direct entrances and exits are possible. Various combinations of use with the hall are possible: for example, holding an exhibition in the hall and conducting business negotiations in the salon. As well, there is also a kitchen space, making it convenient for group activities and training events. (The kitchen spacecan be used only when the salon is entirely reserved by a given group.)
Area  153㎡
Configuration  48 people
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Plaza Verde Gallery

As well as exhibitions of paintings, photographs, illustrations, calligraphy, ceramics and so on, this gallery can be easily used by anyone. Because the space is available in full or in one- or two-thirds division, it can be adjusted for individual or group use. In addition, spotlights are available for exhibitions. Unit 0 can be used not only as a shared space but also for receptionist duties and receptions.
Area  Span:576㎡(Exhibition Space 297㎡)
 The room can be split into three rooms
 Unit1: 132㎡
 Unit2: 47㎡
 Unit3: 118㎡
Celling Height  5m
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Meeting Room 1・2

These are meeting rooms which seat 12. As usage fees are low, they can be used not only in tandem with hall or gallery use, but also for casual use by clubs or study groups.
Area  Meeting Room 1: 34㎡  Meeting Room 2: 32㎡
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